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31May 2016

URETEK Holdings Becomes Ground Works Solutions

By Robert Armstead
Foundation Repair Trenchless Sewer Repair

Lakeland, FL, June 1, 2016 – URETEK Holdings, a full-service provider of geotechnical construction and infrastructure rehabilitation services, announced today that it has officially changed its name to Ground Works Solutions, Inc. The new name illustrates the company’s commitment to building upon its current products and services as well as expanding its offerings to meet the challenges of an ever-changing marketplace.

A new logo, marketing message and website (www.groundworkssolutions.com) has been unveiled. “The new logo reflects all aspects of the earth strata that we can strengthen and restore,” said Richard Kelecy, CEO at Ground Works. “The name change better reflects the fact that we have multiple service offerings for soil and infrastructure repair and rehabilitation.”

“We have continued to diversify our portfolio of services to meet the market needs.   Our…

6Feb 2014

Manhole Structure Repair

By uretekhr

Transfield Services, a Florida Department of Transportation contractor, contacted URETEK Holdings to seal the joints and stabilize the soil surrounding the structure for a manhole cover that had settled almost 12 inches due to inflow and infiltration.

The project challenges included total pipe to structure joint failure and high water flow in the pipes.  Consequently, other methods had failed, but URETEK was up for the challenge.

URETEK’s solution was to inject the URETEK polymer directly through the base of the structure and invert of RCP to seal and stop the soil mitigation.

URETEK’s business development manager, Tommy Russum,  started the process by designing injection port quantities and depths in conjunction with the…

19Jan 2014

Stabilizing Concrete Slab Settlement

By uretekhr

Recently, URETEK was called in to stabilize one of Brevard County’s lift stations.

The objective was to prevent further movement of the soil and lift the slab to its original position.

The problem was poorly compacted soil and a sodium hydroxide leak, which the station uses to combat odor, that caused the slab that the generator rests on and an exterior concrete slab to settle, which was now compromising the integrity of the building.

The solution was to inject URETEK’s 486STAR material, at various locations and depths, under both the interior and exterior slabs and the compromised exterior walls, in order to stabilize the soils.

URETEK was able to perform all of the work in one day without interfering with the operation of the lift station.


7Jan 2014

Soil Stabilization Supports Culvert

By uretekhr

Crystal River is known as the “Gem of the Nature Coast” in Florida because this small city is situated around Kings Bay, which is fed by approximately 50 fresh water springs.  During the Winter months, when the water cools in the Gulf of Mexico, Kings Bay becomes home to hundreds of endangered West Indian Manatee seeking refuge in the warm spring-fed waters of Kings Bay.

Recently, Uretek was called in to stabilize weak soil zones underneath a culvert and a new two-lane road in this environmentally sensitive area.  After a pre-construction meeting with the contractor, city and L3 Communications, Uretek started installation according to the specifications for the quantity and depth of the polyurethane injection points.

Scott Harkness, Uretek’s business development manager, sent along these pictures that show the team working around the culvert to stabilize the soil.

The team injected Uretek’s polyurethane from the surface in order to stabilize…

19Nov 2013

Installation of In-Situ Grout Wall for Florida Department of Transportation

By uretekhr

In this video, Bob Moody, URETEK’s Florida President, narrates the process and procedures for installing a 290 LF in-situ grout wall utilizing URETEK’s 486STAR rigid structural geotechnical polymer.

URETEK performed 490 injections at 58 points.  This created a hydraulic barrier that restricted groundwater movement from a contaminated site to a construction site where drainage features were being installed by FDOT.  This removed delays to the project as construction dewatering would have been impacted by the contamination.

The FDOT team received the Prudential-Davis Productivity Award for this project for utilizing an innovate process to minimize contamination impacts.  They also saved approximately $900,000 in costs.