Tag: Inflow & infiltration restoration

1Jun 2015

Zero Excavation Inflow & Infiltration Restoration At the Naval Air Station in Pensacola after a High Water Event

By Robert Armstead

Ever since the U.S. purchased Florida from Spain in 1821, the site where the Naval Air Station (NAS) in Pensacola currently stands has provided a base for military operations.   In 1826, construction began on the Pensacola Navy Yard and it eventually became one of the “best-equipped naval stations” in the U.S.  During this period, the Navy Yard was used for docking and repairing the warships of that period. When the Navy saw the advantages of aviation in combat, Pensacola became an aviation training station in 1914 and the station was built on the side of the old Navy Yard.  In 2014, NAS Whiting Field celebrated 71 years in operation and is considered to be the “backbone of the Navy’s flight program” and is still one of the most important Navy bases in the U.S.