Tag: Inflow and infiltration restoration

20Jan 2015

Inflow and Infiltration Restoration Using URETEK’s Deep Injection® Process

By Robert Armstead

One emergency repair that URETEK Holdings is asked to complete on a consistent basis, is inflow and infiltration restoration for storm drain systems. When the pavement and two manhole structures on Creighton Road in Pensacola, Florida, began to fail due to voids under the right-of-way, the Florida Department of Transportation made an emergency call to URETEK Holdings.

The Solution

After a site visit and pre-estimate meeting with the Florida Department of Transportation, the contractor, Roads, Inc., and URETEK’s project manager, Tommy Russum, a design was approved for injection locations, and quantities and depths for injecting URETEK’s Star 486 polymer to encapsulate and seal the faulted joints from inflow and infiltration.

The Installation

After an onsite pre-construction and safety meeting, URETEK’s crew entered the 48” storm drain system to inject the polymer at two different locations in order to encapsulate and seal the…