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20Mar 2015

Repairing America’s Infrastructure

By Robert Armstead

It doesn’t take an engineer or politician to know how bad America’s infrastructure has become. In fact, anyone who regularly sits in traffic or rides a transit system on their daily commute can testify to how critical our aging transportation systems are. URETEK Holdings is one company that helps repair America’s roadways, bridges, runways, storm drains, railways, and ports to keep America running.

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) says that America must invest $3.6 trillion in our infrastructure by 2020.  Yet, between the Obama administration’s 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the 2013 Fix-It-First program, in the last four years only $71 billion has been allocated for repairs and upgrades to the nation’s highways, bridges, tunnels, overpasses and ports.

Every four years the ASCE analyzes America’s infrastructure and puts…

9Sep 2013

The Mail Must Get Through

By uretekhr

Here is a “before” shot of a postal facility in West Virginia we helped out.  This facility was built on top of mine spoils and had experienced some settlement over the past 10 years.  Full depth repair was estimated at hundreds of thousands of dollars.

URETEK was able to lift the slab and stabilize the structure at a fraction of the cost.  Here’s the “after” shot.  The best part was our crew did not disrupt the mail operations and the mail carriers were able to get the mail delivered on time.