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20Jan 2015

Inflow and Infiltration Restoration Using URETEK’s Deep Injection® Process

By Robert Armstead

One emergency repair that URETEK Holdings is asked to complete on a consistent basis, is inflow and infiltration restoration for storm drain systems. When the pavement and two manhole structures on Creighton Road in Pensacola, Florida, began to fail due to voids under the right-of-way, the Florida Department of Transportation made an emergency call to URETEK Holdings.

The Solution

After a site visit and pre-estimate meeting with the Florida Department of Transportation, the contractor, Roads, Inc., and URETEK’s project manager, Tommy Russum, a design was approved for injection locations, and quantities and depths for injecting URETEK’s Star 486 polymer to encapsulate and seal the faulted joints from inflow and infiltration.

The Installation

After an onsite pre-construction and safety meeting, URETEK’s crew entered the 48” storm drain system to inject the polymer at two different locations in order to encapsulate and seal the…

19Aug 2014

How URETEK Repairs Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls

By Robert Armstead

What is an MSE Wall?

For more than 40 years, mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining walls have been used to reinforce earthen structures, such as those found in constructing highways and roads, dams, bridge abutments, seawalls, dikes, golf courses, and other grade separation applications.

MSE wall systems are popular because they allow engineers, architects, and landscape and road designers to effectively integrate designs, that are cost effective and structurally sound, into tight site conditions.  Today, there are many types of MSE wall options including  geocells, segmental block, wire mesh and Bin-Wall.

Sustainability of MSE Retaining Walls

A major design concern for MSE structures has been their durability in the soil/water environments in which they are being used.  Problems begin when aging MSE walls begin to degrade and lose their structural integrity due to corrosion of the galvanized steel used in…

12Mar 2014

Florida Department of Transportation Announces New Small Business Contracting Strategies

By Robert Armstead




FDOT’S Business Development Initiative (BDI) Helps Grow Small Businesses


March 6, 2014                                                                                     Dick Kane, (850)414-4595



TALLAHASSEE – In an effort to help grow small businesses in the state, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) will implement a number of strategies to further support small businesses:

  • Increase the percentage of small business reserved professional services contracts from 10% to 15% (the 10% goal for construction and maintenance contracts will remain the same);
  • ·        Increase the small business reserved project amount threshold from $1 million maximum value to $1.5 million maximum (the BDI project amount originally started at $500,000);
  • ·        Increase the threshold for requiring an overhead audit on professional services contracts from $250,000 to $500,000, which reduces the cost of doing business with the department;
  • ·        Incentivize larger firms to team with Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and small businesses…
6Feb 2014

Manhole Structure Repair

By uretekhr

Transfield Services, a Florida Department of Transportation contractor, contacted URETEK Holdings to seal the joints and stabilize the soil surrounding the structure for a manhole cover that had settled almost 12 inches due to inflow and infiltration.

The project challenges included total pipe to structure joint failure and high water flow in the pipes.  Consequently, other methods had failed, but URETEK was up for the challenge.

URETEK’s solution was to inject the URETEK polymer directly through the base of the structure and invert of RCP to seal and stop the soil mitigation.

URETEK’s business development manager, Tommy Russum,  started the process by designing injection port quantities and depths in conjunction with the…