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13Feb 2015

URETEK’s Safety Culture

By Robert Armstead

Workplace safety is paramount at URETEK Holdings because of the many hazardous environments and conditions the work crews navigate on a daily basis.  Everyone, including all of our clients and customers, wants our crews to be safe on the job.  At one job site the crew may be dealing with power lines over their work space, at another job it could be working in the confined space of a storm drain, or along a busy highway, or rail road, or even working on a barge in the Everglades.  Regardless of what the safety challenges are on each individual project, the URETEK crew is well prepared and trained to keep themselves and others safe on the job site. It all starts by creating a culture built on safety.

Recently, URETEK was given a 0.75 safety rating.  This Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is given by the National Council on Compensation…