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5Aug 2016

Ground Works Featured in Trenchless Technology Article

By Robert Armstead

In the July 2016 issue of Trenchless Technology, Ground Works Solutions’ CFO, Aaron Hall, writes about the successful rehabilitation of a box culvert in Pensacola, Florida. In the piece, Aaron discusses the problems created by historic flooding in Escambia County and how Ground Works Solutions was able to lift a box culvert structure by two feet in order to restore its long-term viability.

You can read about the scope of the project and the challenges in the article here.

22Apr 2015

Sealing Annular Space in a Sliplined Pipeline

By Robert Armstead

In the United States, billions upon billions of gallons of stormwater are transported through the local sewer systems every day.  The pipes that the water travels through have different degrees of structural integrity.  Some of the pipes are as small as 8 inches in diameter and some are as large as 120 inches.  The storm sewers can be made out of brick, metal, concrete, clay and plastic.  As communities grow and these sewer systems age, local governments are forced to incur costs far beyond the material and labor to rehabilitate or expand the pipelines.  Government officials must also figure out how to alleviate traffic delays, as well as business interruptions and disruption to neighborhoods, which can add to the cost of repairing the stormwater system.

One of the oldest and most cost effective methods of rehabilitating an existing drainage pipe is called sliplining.  With sliplining, a new, smaller “carrier pipe” is installed inside the old, larger “host pipe.” …

20Mar 2015

Repairing America’s Infrastructure

By Robert Armstead

It doesn’t take an engineer or politician to know how bad America’s infrastructure has become. In fact, anyone who regularly sits in traffic or rides a transit system on their daily commute can testify to how critical our aging transportation systems are. URETEK Holdings is one company that helps repair America’s roadways, bridges, runways, storm drains, railways, and ports to keep America running.

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) says that America must invest $3.6 trillion in our infrastructure by 2020.  Yet, between the Obama administration’s 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the 2013 Fix-It-First program, in the last four years only $71 billion has been allocated for repairs and upgrades to the nation’s highways, bridges, tunnels, overpasses and ports.

Every four years the ASCE analyzes America’s infrastructure and puts…

20Mar 2014

Culvert and Highway Rescue for Alabama’s Department of Transportation

By uretekhr

Situation:  The Alabama State Department of Transportation discovered a large void beneath a three-barrel public culvert under a heavily traveled two-lane rural highway.


Background: After many years, the soil beneath a three-barrel culvert had washed away to the point where the stream water no longer flowed through the culvert but into the void. Since the two-lane roadway above the culvert was heavily traveled, there was growing concern that the culvert and the road above might collapse. The potential for serious traffic disruption as a result of such an event prompted the Alabama DOT to take action and resolve the problem.

Solution:  URETEK Holdings was called in to fill the voids underneath the culvert, displacing the water, and ultimately restore a correct waterflow and stabilize the…