Clean +Profile + Repair : Vacuum, Chemical Grouting and CCTV Services


Ground Works Solutions provides complete vacuum and CCTV services to compliment its suite of infrastracture repair solutions.  The Clean + Profile + Repair service line is designed to provide public works managers with a one-stop contractor for their infrastructure evaluation and repair needs.   


Sewer systems are continuously challenged with the build-up of sediments, silt, waste and microbial corrosion.  These blockages or destructive issues must be addressed in order to restore or rehabilitate the use of the sewer.  Ground Works offers several solutions for dealing with these problems, such as:

  • Pipe Desilting
  • Microbial Corrosion inhibitors


In our 20 years of experience working with storm and sewer lines and culverts, we understand that information is key for determining repair and rehabilitation solutions.  We provide multiple evaluation tools for profiling the integrity of sewer structures, including the use of laser profiling, CCTV service and the Inversa SoilSight™ catscan system. 


Ground Works Solutions provides several powerful trenchless sewer repair applications which are designed to restore manholes and storm and sewer lines quickly, cost-effectively and with minimal disruption.  These services include:

  • Cementitious spincast liners – Renew your storm and sewer lines and manholes with our cementitious lining systems. Our liner is designed to dramatically increase the life of sewer systems at minimal cost and reduction to flow capacity.
  • In-pipe grouting – utilizing our logiball packers, we are able to grout and seal the pipe from the inside utilizing equipment that is designed to compress the grout through the joints and seal the pipe circumference.  The beauty of this design is that the packer creates a pressured environment for the grout to travel in a designed pattern.   Ground Works utilizes state of the art combined CCTV and grout truck equipment to successfully accomplish this.  This is a unique feature that allows for Ground Works to fix a problem as it is found in the pipe, opposed to waiting to repair weeks to months after the problem is found. 
  • Chemical grout injection – For instances where soil stabilization is required, Ground Works is one of the top experts for utilizing a two-part expansive chemical grout injection for void filling, increasing soil density, manhole rehabilitation, and inflow and infiltration mitigation.  The injection of two-part chemical grout is a highly adaptable process for accomplishing challenging rehabilitation efforts effectively, fast and in a cost-efficient manner.  With an experienced contractor, the material can accomplish amazing feats. 

Ground Works Solutions products and services are effective for manhole rehabilitation and lining, storm and sewer line sealing and repair, joint sealing, soil stabilization, dealing with microbial corrosion and pipe lining.