Trenchless Pipe Lining

Ground Works Solutions offers multiple solutions for trenchless pipe lining and manhole rehabilitation and sealing. Our solutions dramatically extend the life of aging infrastructure with a comprehensive approach allowing us to deal with:

  • Leaking pipes or manholes
  • Shifting pipes or manholes due to voids, water movement or loose soils
  • Corrosion
  • Pipes or manholes that need to be relined

Ground Works Solutions is a licensed provider of AP/M Permaform solutions, including PERMACAST® structural liners, COR GARD® coatings and CentriPipe systems for repair and trenchless rehabilitation of underground structures. We are also a licensed provider of the patented URETEK Deep Injection® Process and URETEK patented polymers, used to externally seal and stabilize sewer pipes and manholes.

Sewer pipes and manholes were not meant to last forever and, until now, the repair solutions were flawed, including:

  • Excavating the pipes causes significant disruption
  • Slip-lining reduces capacity
  • Cured-in-place liners aren’t cost-effective

With the CentriPipe solution, Ground Works Solutions, in essence, creates a new concrete pipe inside the old one that is both cost-effective and structurally solid.

Without digging, liners, or reduction of capacity, CentriPipe creates a new, structurally sound concrete pipe inside the old one at significant savings. The CentriPipe rehabilitated sewer is environmentally sound, waterproof and fully sealed, extending the service life of the pipe.

*Currently, Ground Works Solutions provides the CentriPipe solution in the state of Florida. This service is available within all of our 31 state territories on a project-dependent basis. To find out more about availability in your area, please call 866-987-3835.