Residential Foundation Lifting

If you are a property owner experiencing foundation issues caused by soil erosion, Ground Works Solutions utilizes URETEK’s soil stabilization solution, which is the foundation repair industry’s most innovative application for foundation lifting and leveling. The minimally invasive injection application helps densify and compact the soils beneath slabs to adequately support the structure and increase its overall weight-bearing capacity.

The URETEK application gives homeowners a foundation repair solution that is cost-effective and requires no excavation. Once injected, the polymer aggressively seeks out voids, like how water seeks the path of least resistance. After a few short minutes the polymer reacts and begins to expand throughout the voids and the weak points in the soil. The polymer expands up to 15 times its original volume and then hardens to create a densified and compacted layer that can now support the weight of the above structure.

This process can be used to stabilize the foundation against future settlement. It can also be used to lift and level the foundation by expanding the soil upward. The URETEK polymers can be injected into a variety of challenging environments due to its hydro-insensitive (unaffected by water) nature and being environmentally inert (does not cause harm to the environment.)