Manhole Lining and Sealing – Clarksville, Indiana

Clarksville, IN Manhole Lining and Sealing

The City of Clarksville in Indiana was seeking a method to rehabilitate its numerous brick manholes.  The deteriorating and aging manholes were becoming a safety hazard to the city and were additionally experiencing Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) due to its high groundwater table.  In order to remedy this issue, the City contracted with GWS to rehabilitate its manholes with its Outside and Inside manhole lining and sealing solutions.  This approach invloved sealing the manhole from the outside utilizing a chemical grout injection process and rehabilitating the brick manholes from the inside utilizing a cementitious spincasted liner.

Project Challenges

  • Deteriorating manholes around the city were becoming safety hazards
  • I&I had developed in many manholes creating treatment volumes for the city
  • High ground water table (at grade in some locations)
  • Failure in structure joints and pipe to structure joints


  • Inject URETEK 486Star Polymer directly through manhole walls and through base of structure, beneath pipe invert to fill voids and seal leaks
  • Spin-casted H2S resistant cement liner on structurally compromised manholes
  • Designed injection quantity, depth, and location to address I&I in the 12” sanitary manhole intersections as well as the structure joints
  • Worked with city, commercial owners, and contractors to coordinate construction scheduling


  • Work completed in 7 days
  • Lined (6) MHs & sealed (11) MHs
  • Stopped high pressure leaks in minutes
  • Significantly reduced I&I flowing through sanitary system to pump station saving the City over $90K per month
  • Successfully placed 1” thick cement liner on deteriorating manholes to stop H2S corrosion and structurally support