Foam Jacking Foundation Lifting – Indianapolis, IN

Gym Foundation Foam Jacking Using a Polyurethane Chemical Grout – Indianapolis, IN 

At this gym building in Indianapolis, the floor had settled 4″ due to a 3″ void that was underneath the slabs.  The cause was a significant amount of water was found underneath the slabs causing soft soils that were inadequate to support the slab.   The settlement had caused safety concerns due to tripping hazards.  GWS implemented a foam jacking system utilizing a polyurethane chemical grout to lift and stabilize the foundation.

The goal of this project was to lift the foundation back to grade and fill the voids to stabilize the foundation against future settlement.  An additional caveat was to preserve the hardwood gym floor and to perform the injections with it in place.  The foam jacking approach would allow GWS to do exactly this.

Project Challenges

  • Gym floor had settled 4”
  • When cored, a 3” void was discovered beneath
  • Significant amount of water present and soft soils. Water was flowing out of some injection ports
  • Hardwood gym floor was 1” with a ¾” air gap. This was left in place during the lift


  • Inject URETEK 486Star Polymer directly beneath the slab for foam jacking, void filling, and to lift the slab back to original elevation
  • Worked with client to identify large voids in surrounding areas. Positioned foam jacking injections to avoid filling them


  • Foam Jacking work completed in 1 day
  • Lifted 400 sq. ft. 4” back to original grade
  • Project completed at 25% the cost of remove and replace
  • Gym floor preserved. 4’ grid spacing injection holes (1” dia.) patched without causing any additional damage.