Soil Compaction and Densification

Ground Works Solutions offers non-traditional solutions for soil stabilization. Our process can save tens of thousands of dollars in repairs and compact and densify loose soils, minimizing settlement and potentially lift a structure back to grade.

We accomplish this by injecting a two-part expanding polyurethane polymer that actively seeks out voids and then binds and stabilizes the soils. This process can be used to increase the weight-bearing capacity of the soil, externally seal tunnels, and lift and realign structures.

Sinkhole Repair

Are you worried about possible sinkhole damage and the future of your home? Sinkholes can present a scary situation for any home or facility owner. For many, if a sinkhole forms under their building, the scenario can create a rush to get answers on how to protect themselves, their livelihoods, and their investments.

Ground Works Solutions specializes in preventive maintenance and post-damage sinkhole repair. As a licensee of the URETEK processes, we can use their patently URETEK Method to solidify the ground underneath your home or facility by compressing the soil and making it more solid and dense, which increases its weight-bearing capacity and protects the building from further damage. In some cases, we can even lift the damaged area back to its original level.

What is a Sinkhole?

A sinkhole is a cavity, low area or hole in the ground caused by water erosion that provides a route for water to disappear underground. Oftentimes, the occur in limestone regions.

What is “Sinkhole Activity?”

Sinkhole activity means settlement or weakening of the earth supporting the covered building only if the settlement results from movement of soils created by the effect of water.

What is “Sinkhole Loss?”

Sinkhole loss means structural damage to the covered building, including the foundation, caused by sinkhole activity.

Shallow Soil Stabilization

Sinkhole activity can be resolved by stabilizing the shallow soils by a variety of methods including injecting high density polyurethane formulations. Ground Works Solutions utilizes URETEK’s high density expanding geotechnical polymer that offers advantages over traditional methods. This polymer fills, densifies and stabilizes compressible soils.