Sewer Sealing and Rehabilitation

Infrastructure issues can cause numerous headaches and result in costs that can shock government budgets. In a tough economy, extra costs can cause much more than a budget dent: they can result in real problems for a municipality’s staff and the community.

Ground Works Solutions offers non-traditional solutions for infrastructure sealing and rehabilitation. Our fast, no excavation methods can seal cracks and leaks, and get a leaky and degraded infrastructure working right.

Our process may save thousands of dollars for a municipality, and we can fix the problem quickly and precisely, resulting in limited impact to the community. Whether emergency response or large rehabilitation projects, Ground Works gets the job done safely, on time and on budget.

Drains, Culverts, Catch Basins and Outfalls

Deteriorating and leaking drainage structures such as drains, culverts, catch basins and outfalls can lead to water flow that causes significant voids and soil erosion. The soil erosion results in significant degradation of support soils and can significantly reduce the useful life of the drainage structure, causing significant damage to any structures that are adjacent, such as roadways, walkways, and buildings.

Ground Works can significantly extend and restore the useful life of drainage structures by attacking the problem area with URETEK’s products and injection processes. Ground Works utilizes URETEK’s STAR486 two-part rigid structural polymer that expands up to 15 times its initial volume and can achieve desired pressure to void-fill, stabilize the subsurface soil, lift, and seal drainage structures.

Manhole Rehabilitation

Over the centuries, manhole construction has experienced an evolution in design and the materials utilized in construction. The complexities in manhole rehabilitation become more complicated based on the age and the weaknesses/strengths of the design and the original construction techniques.

Ground Works Solutions has broad experience in rehabilitating a variety of manhole designs, from centuries-old brick to modern concrete systems. We are able to void-fill and seal the most delicate of situations to stabilize significant soil erosion and cracked expansion joints.

Sewer Realignment and Sealing

Ground Works Solutions specializes in processes for sealing and restoring sanitary sewer systems to a useful state. Water intrusion and the degradation of support soils can lead to pipe cracks and un-level pipes. As a URETEK licensee, Ground Works utilizes URETEK’s two-part rigid structural polymers because they are hydro-insensitive and can seal the pipes from leaking while also stabilizing the surrounding soils. The polymers cure to 90% within 15 minutes and can be directly injected at the problem source.