Outside Inside

Storm and sanitary sewer repairs are never simple and often times the decision process is a balancing act that requires weighing the right mix of cost management, repair prioritization, and longevity of repair, etc. This is why we have designed an “Outside and Inside” approach to help simplify your repair decisions.

What is Outside and Inside?

Our total trenchless sewer repair solutions’ approach with the ability to both stabilize the exterior soils around a pipe and also address the interior structure of the pipe.

Addressing the Outside of the system

To trenchlessly stabilize a pipe, we strategically and surgically inject a high-density structural polyurethane around the perimeter of the pipe or manhole from either the surface, or through the pipe itself. This approach can serve multiple purposes, such as filling annular voids, soil stabilization, pipe sealing and mitigating infiltration and inflow(I/I) and even structural realignment or lifting.

Addressing the Inside of the system

For the inside of the pipe, we offer the AP/M Permaform CentriPipe and Permacast pipe-lining systems. These systems utilize a centrifugally cast cementitious liner that creates a new concrete pipe within the existing host sewer pipe and/or manholes. These systems dramatically increase the life of the existing system with minimal impact to the current design or construction area.

Some benefits of the CentriPipe and Permacast systems are fast installation, cost-effective, minimal impact to current flow capacity, can address Microbial Induced Corrosion (MIC) and is a long-term repair solution.

What is the importance of addressing both the Inside and Outside of the sewer system?

In some cases, the polyurethane encapsulation, or the AP/M Permaform systems, are enough to handle a pipe repair individually. In other cases, the repair may require addressing both the exterior and interior of the pipe to ensure that the repair is long-lasting and not compromised by unaddressed symptoms.

In either case, our trenchless solutions are much more cost-effective and time-saving than traditional dig and replace methods and have minimal design impact than other lining methods.