No-Excavation Lateral Line Sewer Repair Services

Ground Works’ no-excavation lateral line sewer repair services save municipalities and industrial facilities time and money, with little to no downtime to the sewer system.  Our applications are designed to rehabilitate sewer systems which still retain their overall structural integrity and where point repairs are sufficient to bring the system back online.

Chemical Grout Joint Sealing

Lateral Line sewer RepairGround Works is a provider of the URETEK polymer injection process, whereby we inject a high-density structural polymer from within or around the pipe.  This process is highly adaptable for sealing and re-establishing flow to the lateral lines and very useful in stopping inflow and infiltration into the joints and pipes.  

This lateral line sewer repair process can be used in all forms of pipes, including reinforced concrete pipes, brick pipes, cast iron pipes, clay pipes, reinforced concrete pipes (rcp), corrugated metal pipes (cmp), etc.  The injections can be made from within the pipe, but also from the surface.  Additionally, the injections can be made vertically and horizontally, and can be injected into highly saturated environments as the polymers are not affected by water. 

An additional benefit of using chemical grout for lateral line sewer repair is the chemical grout can re-establish the weight bearing capacity of the support soils around the lateral lines, and can even lift any structures above the location.  This may include roadways, buildings, manholes or any water control structures.