Ground Works Solutions is proud to be a licensee of URETEK products:


uretekThe URETEK Method® is a solution with a track record of success for the past two decades. The URETEK Method was developed as a non-destructive, extremely effective concrete lifting solution that keeps company downtime, or homeowner inconvenience to a minimum. Ground Works uses the URETEK Method to solidify and lift facility foundations by increasing the bearing capacity of subsurface soils. In other words, we make the ground on which your residence or facility resides more solid.  Ground Works will also get inside a culvert, manhole or pipe and inject URETEK’s polymers from inside to stop Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) and fill the voids on the outside of the manhole or pipe. Most projects are completed in one to two days.

URETEK’s Deep Injection® Process for soil stabilization was developed, patented, and is currently utilized exclusively by URETEK’s affiliates.  The patented process is a non-destructive, extremely effective soil compaction and densification process to improve load bearing capacity of weak or loose soil strata.  The process is extremely versatile and is applied in a number of soil stabilization projects.  It involves drilling penny sized injection holes into concrete slabs and filling the voids underneath with an organic structural polymer that lifts the settling concrete slab. URETEK’s polyurethane concrete lifting method was developed and is used as an alternative to concrete mudjacking utilizing non-destructive, extremely effective concrete leveling solution that keeps company costs and downtime, or homeowner inconvenience to a minimum.

By utilizing the URETEK Method and Deep Injection Process, we avoid excavating your property, which is costly in actual project costs and interrupting your business. The URETEK processes are oftentimes the most economical approach, in addition to being the quickest and most effective.