Ground Works Solutions is Florida’s cost-effective and minimally disruptive solution for concrete lifting, soil stabilization, infrastructure repair, and foundation repair and stabilization.

Our headquarters is in Lakeland, Florida.

Featured Projects

Marriott World Center Orlando Resort Pool Stabilization – Orlando, Florida

Contractors: Ground Works Solutions, Walter P Moore Engineers, PCL Construction

Owner: Marriott World Center Orlando

Project Type: Pool Stabilization

In November 2012, during a complete renovation of the 200-acre, 2000 room Marriott World Center in Orlando, the hotel discovered there was a problem with their resort pool.  When investigated, it was discovered that there existed 14 significant voids underneath the pool structure.  The problem was so severe that it was feared the pool would collapse once refilled.

Ground Works Solutions was contacted to help fill the voids, densify and stabilize the soils, and improve the weight bearing capacity of the weakened soils.  After developing an injection plan with the engineer, Ground Works Solutions was able to stabilize the pool without any delay to the hotel’s timeline for renovations.

Gypsum Wallboard Manufacturer – Tunnel Stabilization and Sealing – Palatka, Florida

The Lafarge Gypsum plant is one of the largest wallboard manufacturing facilities in the United States.  The area’s low water tables, combined with the continuous vibration and movement of conveyor equipment began to cause water leakage along corridor joints.

Utilizing URETEK’s hydro insensitive polyurethane chemical grout, Ground Works stabilized and sealed the plant’s tunnels and soils, eliminating any downtime to the facility and mitigating any potential safety hazards.

Tags: chemical grout, undersealing, soil stabilization, poly grout, commercial foundation repair, florida foundation repair

Palmira Avenue HDPE Slip-lining Stabilization – Tampa, Florida

Ground Works Solutions utilized URETEK’s rigid structural geotechnical polymer to assist the City of Tampa, Florida in the rehabilitation of a failed sanitary sewer pipe. The 36” reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) carrying municipal sewage waste had collapsed beneath Dale Mabry Highway resulting in substantial loss of load-bearing soil that carried the weight of the highway above. Had the situation not been immediately addressed, failure of the highway was imminent, so urgent and compelling action was required.

To correct the problem, a smaller diameter HDPE pipe was inserted into the RCP in a procedure known as slip-lining to convey the raw sewage. This also provided means for in-situ ground modification to fill resultant void space with URETEK’s proprietary 486STAR rigid structural geotechnical polymer,, secure the HDPE pipe in place within the RCP and provide a means to restore the load bearing properties required to support the highway surface.

Project Challenges

  • 36” reinforced concrete pipe carrying municipal sewage waste collapsed under major highway
  • RCP failure caused substantial loss of load-bearing soil and highway collapse was imminent


  • Insert smaller diameter HDPE pipe into RCP to convey raw sewage
  • Fill void space between HDPE pipe and RCP to restore load bearing properties required to support the highway through multiple lateral injections


  • Crisis averted: Next day mobilization resulted in stabilization of rcp and highway with no interruption to highway traffic
  • Expenses avoided: Project costs were 30% of estimated repair costs

Jackson Elementary School Foundation Stabilization & Void Fill – Plant City, Florida

Jackson Elementary School, in Plant City, FL, was experiencing significant foundation problems that were causing cracks and separation of floor tiles, distress to interior walls and jamming doors.  The 43’x 39’ building was originally constructed in the 1960s as a multi-purpose building and later converted into an administrative building.

Geotechnical reports indicated that a void space and weak soils existed underneath the floor slab. Additionally, GPR identified the remains of a previous foundation beneath the existing foundation.

Project Challenges

  • Perform work during school recess period to minimize disruption to school functionality
  • Implement continuous laser monitoring system to prevent unintended lift
  • Work through multiple slabs and still accomplish adequate application of polymer
  • Minimize disturbance of finish flooring material


  • Lay out a vertical grid pattern over the affected area.
  • Drill holes through the floor to accept injection tubing to strategically treat three elevations within the weak soil zone.
  • Inject URETEK’s 486STAR (rigid structural geotechnical polymer) to restore load-bearing soil properties


  • Problem permanently solved in one work shift resulting in stabilized base soils providing firm foundation to slab
  • No interruption to school functionality as work was performed during recess
  • Non-invasive solution resulted in minimal restoration effort consisting of replacement of only nine floor tiles
  • Close laser monitoring resulted in exact finish elevation of the floor slab

Barrancas Avenue Inflow and Infiltration Joint Seal – Pensacola, Florida

Pensacola was experiencing some significant problems with their manholes along Barancas Avenue.  A manhole had settled approximately 12 inches due to inflow and infiltration, causing a pipe to structure joint failure. The structure and pipes were under water due to high water flow.  Alternate methods were used and were unsuccessful prior to Ground Works Solutions being contacted.


  • Inject using the URETEK Method directly through base of structure and invert of RCP to seal and stop soil migration
  • Where conventional methods failed Ground Works Solutions stopped inflow and sealed joint in minutes


  • Designed injection port quantity and depth
  • Pre-construction meeting
  • On-site installation
  • Dewatered and plugged pipes to gain access to site


  • Minimal downtime: Work completed and lane reopened in 1 night
  • Stabilized soil supported structure
  • Pipe to structure joints sealed