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8Apr 2016


By Robert Armstead

Projects Completed

72” RCP Dam outfall pipe repair – Gainesville, GA

This 72″ RCP dam outfall in a retirement center in Georgia had water flowing along the outside of the pipe and entering the weak pipe joints.  The customer did not want to remove and replace the RCP due to the good condition of the pipe as well as the expense that would have been involved.  Before Ground Works Solutions was contacted, the customer had tried using cementitious grout to seal the joints but was unsuccessful.  Then Ground Works Solutions was contacted to help resolve the issue.


  • Stabilize and densify surrounding soils, creating a non-permeable layer to stop water movement by using URETEK’s Deep Injection of high density polyurethane
  • Inject the URETEK STAR486 material to seal the leaking joints
  • Injections made at 5 and 7 o’clock positions of the pipe


  • Ground Works Solutions designed the injection process using a hydrophobic 2 part STAR486 HDP material
  • We were able to…
8Apr 2016


By Robert Armstead

Ground Works Solutions is Florida’s cost-effective and minimally disruptive solution for concrete lifting, soil stabilization, infrastructure repair, and foundation repair and stabilization.

Our headquarters is in Lakeland, Florida.

Featured Projects

Marriott World Center Orlando Resort Pool Stabilization – Orlando, Florida

Contractors: Ground Works Solutions, Walter P Moore Engineers, PCL Construction

Owner: Marriott World Center Orlando

Project Type: Pool Stabilization

In November 2012, during a complete renovation of the 200-acre, 2000 room Marriott World Center in Orlando, the hotel discovered there was a problem with their resort pool.  When investigated, it was discovered that there existed 14 significant voids underneath the pool structure.  The problem was so severe that it was feared the pool would collapse once refilled.

Ground Works Solutions was contacted to help fill the voids, densify and stabilize the soils, and improve the weight bearing capacity of the weakened soils.  After developing an injection plan with the engineer, Ground Works Solutions was able to stabilize the pool without any delay to the hotel’s…