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9Aug 2016

Trenchless Rehab Solution Lifts Box Culvert in Pensacola, Florida

By Robert Armstead
Trenchless Culvert Repair

Ground Works lifts a quadruple box culvert 24″ in this trenchless culvert repair project

Trenchless Technology Magazine
August 8th, 2016 by Aaron Hall

In April 2014, Florida’s panhandle experienced a historic flooding event, which was highlighted by 20 in. of rainfall in just two days. For perspective, on average, the rainfall in this area is just more than 60 in. a year.

This once-a-century event caused numerous sinkholes, portions of Interstate-10 were closed and the soils of the entire region were completely saturated for an extended period of time. As the rain waters eventually receded, a large amount of voids were created in the soil, wreaking havoc on the affected areas public works and infrastructure systems.

Jackson Lakes Box Culvert

Specifically, as a result of this storm, the Jackson Lakes box culvert in Pensacola suffered a tremendous amount…

28Oct 2015

Great Sinkholes Documentary – Buried Alive

By Robert Armstead

In a recent PBS sinkholes documentary produced for the NOVA series, Sinkholes – Buried Alive, viewers learn about the geology that sets the stage for sinkholes across the globe, including karsts, limestone, gypsum, rock layers, salt domes and sandy soil.

The documentary also covers the warning signs for sinkholes and some of the experiments that geologists are conducting to understand how fast a sinkhole can occur, as well as the devastating effects of a massive storm dumping water onto the earth’s surface after water has been pulled from an aquifer for irrigation.

Most important, viewers learn about the different technologies and applications to detect and protect people and property from emerging sinkholes, including ground penetrating radar (GPR), soil testing, and different methods of soil stabilization.