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6Jan 2017

Ground Works Solutions celebrates 300 weeks without a Lost Time Case

By Robert Armstead


“Safety is the number one priority for our crews and team members, on every job every day” states Richard T. Kelecy, Ground Works’ Chief Executive Officer. “Reaching 300 weeks without a Lost Time Case and exceeding a year without a recordable incident are exciting milestones in our company. Safety is the first topic on every conference call and before we start every project. We have placed great emphasis on setting up our team members for success, through both training and financial incentives.”

EMR is determined by comparing past insurance claims history of similar companies in a specific industry. The rating is evaluated annually and given by the NCCI, the nation’s most experienced provider of workers’ compensation information, tools and services.

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Ground Works Solutions is a full-service,…

15Mar 2017

Clarksville Manhole Inflow and Infiltration Sealing

By Robert Armstead
Inflow and Infiltration Sealing

Clarksville Lateral Line and Manhole Inflow and Infiltration Sealing

The Town of Clarksville in Indiana noticed abnormally high flow rates at a pump station and its WWTP. The longer pump operation hours and a higher volume of water needing to be pumped and treated leading to high costs and concerns over the capacity of their current equipment.   Ground Works Solutions (GWS) was brought in to address the problem utilizing a polymer injection process for Inflow and Infiltration Sealing. 


The Town of Clarksville in Indiana was the first settlement north of the Ohio River in the United States. Like many towns its age, it has to maintain a blend of new and aging infrastructure to support its population growth and demands of a booming commercial retail industry. 

In 2007, around the time that new commercial development that had…

25Aug 2017

Check out our new Infrastructure Commercial

By Robert Armstead

19Apr 2018

Lainhart and Masten Dams’ Seepage Barrier and Embankment Reinforcement

By Robert Armstead

Jupiter, FL – Our new video features our work a the Lainhart and Masten Dams for the South Florida Water Management District as part of the Everglades Restoration project.  The video, featuring Carol Wehle-Howard of The Carol Group, displays our injectable seepage barrier technology and the powerful soil stabilization capabilities of our high-density structural polyurethane injection techniques.