Customer Testimonials

Ground Works prides itself on ensuring its customers are confident in our services, the products we use, and how we conduct ourselves on a project. the following reviews are by customers who understand what it takes to ensure the customer is provided the highest level of service and project performance.

“Ground Works is one of the most professional companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with in our 26 years in business,” said L.R.E. Ground Services, Inc. CEO Raymond Woolever. “Not only are they professional, Ground Works is also consistent in its approach with clients. Their professionalism literally can be witnessed and experienced from the top to the bottom of Ground Works. In addition, we’ve always found Ground Works to be very accommodating, efficient, flexible and prompt. It goes without saying that the actual work they perform on job sites is extremely clean and skilled. One of the things we appreciate most about Ground Works is they treat our customers like their own. L..R.E. always looks forward to working with Ground Works when the opportunity presents itself.”
About L.R.E Ground Services: L.R.E. Ground Services is the industry leader in foundation repair and stabilization for residential and commercial properties, roads and anywhere there is a sinkhole or foundation concern. Since 1989, our proven formula for success includes delivering superior customer service through dedication, hard work, expertise, strong safety guidelines, operating efficiency…..and teamwork!

Ground Works Solutions
Raymond Woolever, CEO of L.R.E. Ground Services

“Ground Works is the epitome of what the Florida Association of Sinkhole Stabilization Specialists (FAS3) stands for,” said FAS3 President Frank Vitale. “FAS3 is made up of contractors and engineers that ensure that investigation and repairs conducted in the sinkhole industry are efficient and ethical ones. Ground Works has consistently met those standards. Ground Works sets a great example for its fellow FAS3 members by allocating a plethora of time and resources to ensure that they uphold these standards on behalf of their own company, the organization and the consumers it works so very hard to help and protect.”

About FAS3: FAS3 is an association of engineers, geologists, contractors and suppliers concerned with the ethical investigation, planning, design and remediation of sinkholes and

Ground Works Solutions
Frank Vitale, President of the Florida Association of Sinkhole Stabilization Specialists

“We were exploring slab removal and full-depth reconstruction to address non-performing, pre-existing sub slab fill conditions. Timing, the inability to keep the facility in operation during demolition, and the removal of fill and concrete placement ruled out a full-depth reconstruction. Additionally, the majority of the testing equipment in the High Bay is very expensive and dust migration was of concern.

“The URETEK solution provided a quick and cost-effective means to address serious slab failure and poor subsurface fill conditions. If left unaddressed these subsurface conditions would have lessened our ability to continue to load the floor with equipment. The Ground Works' crew worked quickly, diligently and left nothing but footprints behind. We were back moving equipment within 15 minutes of application. I would highly recommend the URETEK Deep Injection Process to facility managers with time constraints and operational concerns.”

Ground Works Solutions
Mark M. McGovern, Senior Project Manager, Buffalo Niagra Medical Campus, Inc.