18Jul 2016

Manhole Degradation Repair

By Robert Armstead Manhole_Install

The City of Florence, in Kentucky, recently called upon Ground Works Solutions to repair five, failing sanitary manholes in their system, mainly due to a high concentration of hydrogen sulfide, which was degrading the precast walls of the manholes. Since the City of Florence had never used this application before, they were interested in this test to see if the quality was acceptable for additional future repairs.

Ground Works Solutions sealed all leaks and installed a one-inch thick, structural, centrifugally cast, cement liner for the full depth of the five manholes. The liner also included ConShield, a concrete additive to resist hydrogen sulfide corrosion. Thiobacyllus bacteria forms on the walls of sanitary structures due to the presence of hydrogen sulfide. This bacteria produces sulfuric acid that destroys concrete’s integrity. ConShield kills Thiobacyllus, which alleviates the production of sulfuric acid, and protects the sanitary structures against future corrosion. The City of Florence was pleased with the results.

Sales Engineer, Aaron Rogers, managed the project. Ground Works provided all labor, materials, supplies, insurance, tools and all necessary equipment to complete the repairs.