27Mar 2015

URETEK Helps the City of Tampa in its Opening of the Riverwalk Historical Monument Trail

By Robert Armstead

URETEK Helps the City of Tampa in its Opening of the Riverwalk Historical Monument Trail

The City of Tampa has been developing the Riverwalk Historical Monument Trail in downtown Tampa to serve as both a memorial to the many noteworthy people who have shaped the history of Tampa and Hillsborough County, Florida.  The trail was developed as an extension of Curtis Hixon Park, as both a commemoration and a place of enjoyment for the Tampa Bay Community.

While preparing for the trail’s grand opening, the City of Tampa noticed several locations along the trail that were experiencing some settling due to soil movement underneath the concrete slabs and along an adjacent seawall that were creating trip hazards.  To fix this problem the City of Tampa reached out to URETEK for help.

In coordination with the City of Tampa Facilities Management department, URETEK developed an injection plan utilizing the URETEK Method® to stabilize and level two 10 ton concrete slabs and approximately 165ft of walkway along the Hillsborough River. URETEK helped prepare and mobilize its crews within 48 hours in order to meet the City’s need for limited interruption to construction activities, to pedestrians and help the city prepare for the grand opening of the Trail on the following Friday.

The five hour installation was completed on a Sunday morning and resulted in seven areas being lifted back to grade with zero inconvenience to pedestrian traffic or construction work.  The soils underneath were also stabilized and compacted, helping mitigate the potential of future problems.  In addition to the walkway, a joint along the seawall was also sealed to reduce any further degradation or soil erosion.