21Jan 2014

URETEK Holdings receives 0.76 EMR rating from NCCI

By Robert Armstead

January 21, 2014

Lakeland, FL – URETEK Holdings Inc., a foundation stabilization company based in Lakeland, FL, announced today that it received a 0.76 Experience Modification Rate (EMR), an improvement  from its previous rating of 0.89, by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI).

The EMR is determined by comparing past insurance claims history of similar companies in a specific industry.  The industry average EMR is 1.0 and to have a lower EMR means the company is performing better than industry average.

“Safety programs and results, such as this strong EMR number, are essential for good business opportunities in a competitive market.  URETEK Holdings works hard to both instruct and incent a strong safety culture every day on every project for our clients and employees success,” states CEO, Kathleen Shanahan.

URETEK Holdings specializes in stabilizing subsurface soils that are unable to maintain the structural integrity required to support infrastructure and foundations through its patented, rigid structural polymer injection processes.

This is the second straight year that URETEK has completed with no loss-time accidents.  Additionally, URETEK incents its employees by rewarding their focus on safety through the company’s safety bonus program.

“Our clients prioritize strong safety performance as accidents on jobsites can result in significant liability issues, in addition to causing interruption to their projects,” remarks Richard Kelecy, URETEK’s Chief Operating Officer. “Our operations team challenges themselves to continue to enhance our safety procedures in order to ensure our employees are safe and our customers receive the highest quality standards in job and safety performance.”

URETEK’s proprietary polymer formulations are used in a wide variety of applications, including slab lifting and underground void filling, storm/waste drain restoration, soil erosion control, emergency infrastructure restoration (dams, spillways, and levees), and culvert, pipe, and manhole sealing.

About URETEK Holdings, Inc.

URETEK Holdings, Inc. specializes in improving the weight-bearing capacity of subsurface soils through the injection of patented, lightweight, expanding structural polymers. The patented URETEK Deep Injection Method provides the industry’s most cost-effective, quickest and safest solution for soil stabilization and densification at depth without excavation. For 25 years, URETEK has safely completed more than 85,000 projects leveling, lifting, sealing and stabilizing structures of all sizes for commercial, residential, and governmental clients. URETEK Holdings is currently operating in 31 states across the United States.