8Oct 2013

URETEK Holdings is Featured on the Cover of the Florida Specifier

By Robert Armstead

URETEK Holdings makes the cover of the Florida Specifier’s October 2013 issue.  The picture was of URETEK’s Riviera Beach, FL Subsurface containment wall it installed using its STAR486 rigid geotechnical chemical grout system for the Florida Department of Transportation – District IV.

Subsurface Contaiment Wall
Riviera Beach Subsurface Containment Wall

In January 2013, Handex Consulting & Remediation-SE, LLC contracted URETEK Holdings, Inc. to perform the instalation of approximately 200 linear feet of an in-situ grout wall utilizing our STAR486 rigid geotechnical chemical grout system.

The system uses a hydro-insensitive two-part polymer that is injected in a highly controlled manner through 1/2-inch diameter steel injection rods. After initially hydrolancing (water jetting) to clear utilities to five feet below land surface, the injection rods were installed at 5 discreet elevations in a 3-foot horizontal and vertical grid pattern. The STAR486 material was then injected through each rod, which expanded to at least 15 times its initial liquid volume, forming a sphere at each discreet injection interval that bonds to the previously injected material adjacent to it, thereby forming the subsurface containment wall.