23Sep 2013

URETEK Holdings Promotes Joe Kindler to Regional Business Development Director

By Robert Armstead

Lakeland, FL (PRWEB) September 19, 2013

URETEK Holdings announced today its promotion of Joe Kindler to Regional Business Development Director for Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Mr. Kindler has worked for URETEK Holdings as Business Development Manager for Ohio and West Virginia and as a regional representative in Ohio and other states for URETEK USA, Inc., and affiliated company that provides transportation related services. He has been involved in the soil stabilization industry for over 20 years and is a second-generation contractor and consultant with a diverse background in business, operational and technical management.

In his expanded role, Joe will manage, coordinate, mentor and train current and new business development representatives in his region. He will help recruit new team members and serve as a technical advisor for estimating, proposal development and solutions development.

“Joe’s results driven leadership earns him the regional leader platform. He will further develop our brand, our team and our customer base in the Mid-West region, advancing our foundation solutions with quality performance,” states URETEK Holdings CEO, Kathleen Shanahan.

URETEK’s proprietary polymer formula is used in a wide variety of applications, including slab lifting and underground void filling, stormwater and waste drain restoration, soil erosion control, emergency infrastructure restoration (dams, spillways, and levees), and culvert, pipe, and manhole sealing.

“URETEK Holdings offers exceptional value to its customers, a superior safety rating, significant bonding capacity and top-notch operations and job execution. I am grateful to grow with the company and look forward to being part of its continued success,” remarks Mr. Kindler.

On June 20th, URETEK Holdings announced its expansion from 8 state territories to 31 state territories in the United States. In addition to Ohio and West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Western Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin have been added to Mr. Kindler’s region.

About URETEK Holdings, Inc.
Headquartered in Lakeland, Florida, URETEK Holdings, Inc. specializes in improving the weight-bearing capacity of subsurface soils through the injection of patented, lightweight, expanding structural polymers. The patented URETEK Deep Injection Method provides the industry’s most cost-effective, quickest and safest solution for soil stabilization and densification at depth without excavation. For 25 years, URETEK has safely completed more than 85,000 projects leveling, lifting, sealing and stabilizing structures of all sizes for commercial, residential, and governmental clients.

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