11Mar 2013

URETEK Holdings Wins a 2-Year Statewide “Shallow Subsurface Polyurethane Injection Project” Services and Performance Contract with FDOT

By Robert Armstead

URETEK Holdings, Inc. has competitively bid and won a two year contract to conduct “Shallow Subsurface Polyurethane Injection” services for the Florida Department of Transportation.

Under this contract, URETEK Holdings, Inc. shall “perform shallow subsurface polyurethane injection to fill voids, seal drainage structures and improve shallow subsurface soil conditions on the State Transportation System.” The contract is a term contract for an indefinite quantity where URETEK Holdings will perform services on a task work order basis for the contract term.

“The FDOT contract is a testament to the quality of URETEK’s products, services and the reputation of our work in the field,” states URETEK Holdings Chief Executive Officer, Kathleen Shanahan. “It is great to partner with FDOT to bring technology solutions that URETEK has performed for FDOT for over 10 years. Our experienced team has displayed time and time again the fast and effective work our patented injection method delivers by solidifying structural integrity.“

URETEK Holdings, Inc. is a Tampa-based company specializing in solidifying subsurface voids and lifting structures by injecting its patented polyurethane grout into the subsurface soils where it expands to five times the original volume to densify and/or stabilize the targeted area.

The contract allows for any combination of horizontal and vertical grout injections deemed necessary to densify base and sub-base soils, fill subsurface voids, correct pavement alignment issues, lift and realign concrete transportation features, seal and realign storm drain features and seal and stabilize water control structures in accordance with the task work order.

“Our work with FDOT is going to save the state and its taxpayers a great deal of time, by not having to wait weeks for a simple road repair, and money,” says Chief Operating Officer, Bob Moody. “URETEK’s methodologies remove the need to take on invasive and timely traditional repair and replace methods for dealing with structural damage and integrity issues. We can repair and level structures and voids in hours for a third of the cost of traditional methods and with no more than a quarter-sized hole in the ground.”

The FDOT contract was executed on February 22nd, 2013 and will end on February 21st, 2015.

About URETEK Holdings, Inc.

URETEK Holdings, Inc. specializes in improving the weight-bearing capacity of subsurface soils through the injection of patented, lightweight, expanding structural polymers. The patented URETEK Deep Injection Method provides the industry’s most cost-effective, quickest and safest solution for soil stabilization and densification at depth without excavation. For 25 years, URETEK has safely completed more than 85,000 projects leveling, lifting, sealing and stabilizing structures of all sizes for commercial, residential, and governmental clients. URETEK Holdings is currently operating in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio.

For more information, please visit https://groundworkssolutions.com, call 866-9URETEK (866-987-3835) or email Scott Harkness at sharkness(at)uretekfl(dot)com.