1Feb 2013

Safety 101 at Uretek

By Robert Armstead

What are the top 10 safety tips that Uretek uses on every job site?

10. Understand and meet all OSHA standards at all times, including the correct use of all safety equipment.

9. All hazardous materials are stored in an appropriate container and in a safe place.

8. All Uretek rigs have a fully stocked first aid kit on board at all times.

7. Training on what to do in case of an emergency on a job site, including power failures, or injuries.

6. Barricade the public from the working area.

5. Continuous training on the correct use of electrical power tools

4. Daily inspection of all equipment to make sure that everything is operational and working properly.

3. Provide personal protective equipment for employees working in the field, including a hard hat, goggles/face shield, gloves, earplugs, and other safety equipment, when required.

2. Employees trained to identify workplace hazards and hazardous materials before starting a project, including underground obstacles and hazards.

1. Provide mandatory refresher training on onsite safety for all personnel.