11Dec 2012

Pool Stabilization for Marriott World Center Orlando

By Robert Armstead
Marriot World Center Orlando Pool Stabilization
Marriot World Center Orlando Under Major Renovations

Who:Uretek Holdings, Marriott World Center Orlando, Walter P Moore Engineers, PCL General Contractor

What: During a complete renovation of the 200-acre, 2000 room hotel, 14 voids were discovered under the swimming pool. Fearing a possible collapse when the pool was re-filled, URETEK was contacted.

When: November 2012

Where: Orlando, FL

Why: URETEK was able to fill the voids, without disruption to the ongoing renovations and numerous contractors working on the renovation, in less than a day.

How:URETEK’s self-contained trailer was able to park out of the way of contractors, our hose, stretching 300 feet into the pool and fill the voids without disruption.

URETEK's Patented Two Part Polymer Foam Injection
URETEK’s Patented Polymer Foam Injection is an ideal application for fill and stabilize voids.
Marriot World Center URETEK Florida
URETEK Holdings trucks rolled in and stabilized the Marroit World Center pool in less than one day.