8Oct 2012

Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Soil Stabilization Specialists URETEK Holdings, Inc. Hires Joe Kindler as Business Development Lead for Ohio

By Robert Armstead

URETEK Holdings, Inc., an infrastructure rehabilitation and soil stabilization company providing service from the Gulf States to the Great Lakes, announces the appointment of Joe Kindler as Business Development Lead for the state of Ohio.

Columbus, OH (PRWEB) October 08, 2012 http://bit.ly/SYwtA0

URETEK Holdings, Inc. (URETEK) is pleased to announce the appointment of Joe Kindler as Business Development Lead for the state of Ohio. In this position he will be responsible for development of all business within the newly acquired territory. He will also be responsible for the safe and effective delivery of the URETEK solution, as well as all technical and customer service functions.

Mr. Kindler has been involved in the industry for over 20 years and is a second-generation contractor and consultant with a diverse background in business, operational and technical management. He has also served as regional representative in Ohio and other states for URETEK USA, Inc., an affiliated company that provides transportation-related services.

“I am so pleased that Joe has joined our team,” says Kathleen Shanahan, Chair and CEO of URETEK Holdings, Inc. “His extensive experience in contracting, consulting and his familiarity with the unique URETEK Deep Injection™ Method and its proprietary product are instrumental to the success of Ohio’s business operations.”

“I am excited to join the URETEK team and to be able to provide residential, commercial and industrial customers across Ohio with a superior foundation stabilization solution,” notes Mr. Kindler. “If you have a structure that is sinking due to weak soil conditions, the patented URETEK process provides a cost-effective, non-intrusive, sustainable and environmentally-friendly solution versus traditional reconstruction techniques.” The URETEK process has many applications including foundation stabilization; slab raising and realignment; storm drain, culvert, pipe and manhole sealing; and underground void filling. The URETEK process provides a permanent solution which can greatly extend the life of an earth-built structure that is failing due to underlying soil problems.

URETEK Holdings, Inc. is duly authorized to conduct business in the state of Ohio, is bonded and insured. Additionally, URETEK Holdings, Inc. maintains business operations in AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, TN and WV within the URETEK nationwide network.

About URETEK Holdings, Inc.
URETEK Holdings, Inc. specializes in improving the weight-bearing capacity of subsurface soils through the injection of patented, lightweight, expanding structural polymers. The patented URETEK Deep Injection™ Method provides the industry’s best, most cost-effective, fastest and safest solution for soil stabilization and densification at depth without excavation. For 25 years, URETEK has safely completed more than 85,000 projects leveling, lifting, sealing and stabilizing structures of all sizes for commercial, residential, and governmental clients. For more information, please visit https://groundworkssolutions.com.